「J」は、JapanのJ です。多くの海外案件に接してきた経験から、私たちは、日本人のすばらしさを確信しています。特に、「モノづくりや創造」ということでは、私たちが世界に誇るトヨタやホンダも、大田区の小さな町工場も、当たり前のようにTVで流れるアニメも、世界に大きな影響と繁栄をもたらしていることをもっともっと誇りに思い、大切にするべきであるという意味を込めています。もちろん、それは、Japanを驕る思いではありません。Japanが世界の繁栄と幸せのためにこれからも貢献をしていくことを願い、私たちもそこに貢献をしようという思いです。

We hope all of you know Star Wars, needless to say, the Star Wars by George Lucas.

In the great Saga, he draws dower of the Jedi as “the Force”.

We often use both “Power” and “Force” in our lives. A meaning of the Force is “a natural power that produces movement in another object” and a meaning of the Power is “the ability or right to control people or events”.

We really think highly of individual intrinsic gifts which everyone has originally. In other word, it is nature of human beings.

“J” is after Japan. Through our many business experiences abroad, we are sure that Japanese are remarkable.

Especially, in the fields of Manufacture and Imagination, we would like to insist that we should be proud of Toyota, Honda, even small works in the area of Ohta-ku, and anime originated in Japan and realize that we have much more responsibility as a leader in the world.

Please note that we never say anything arrogant but only comment something about “Noblesse Oblige”.