Seven Wonders of Japanese on Payment and cash 1

Japanese love cash!!

Japanese have a high proportion of savings (≒cash) in their assets.
So-called asset portfolios are biased towards cash.
Recently, there are an increasing number of people to invest in stocks, but savings or cash still are about 70% to 80% of their assets.

This is because it is said that Japanese love cash, but the reason is surprisingly simple.

I would like to think about cash as cash to be used and savings (cash) as an asset.

The reason why there are many cash payments is very simple.
① Because there is nothing to be particularly inconvenient in cash settlements, disgusting things (being checked if the bill is counterfeit) and losses (e.g. people who buy in cash should go to a specific counter or line)
② Because we can not say that cashless settlement is more advantageous.

In other words, Japanese does not feel the danger of life even if they are carrying a lot of cash with them, and it does not feel that cash settlement is inconvenient (in the case of a person collecting points, cash settlement is rather advantageous).
In fact, to use cash is the most effective way from the viewpoint of household management and pocket money management that “I use only a certain amount” (as it is written in many know-how books and sites) I think that it is quite natural  that cashless progress does not advance in Japan.








But also Japanese who like cash so much and do not invest a lot have a bilateral character

Surprisingly, some of Japanese like gambling.
If you are in Japan, I am sure that  you’ve seen that there are places where you can do easy gambling “pachinko” everywhere.
And sometimes, due to its duality, excessive speculation gets booming.

Young people in twenties and thirties particularly hit the money and speculated for cryptocurrency (they might not have thought that they were doing speculation) It may have been absorbed in too much.

It might be unbelievable that you see advertising on the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies like this.

This is a TV commercial by CoinCheck KK before NEM incident!!

I feel that Japanese are a bit different from German who also like cash in a way, Japanese people sometimes run from cash to speculation extremely.

One of the reasons for this duality is because of luck of education systems at school in Japan. Children are not taught about stock investment and money management.
Japanese have a tendency to think that talking about money dignifiedly is somewhat to be shamed, this is from cultural deep factors such as historically based on the teachings of Confucianism.

To be continued


大学卒業後、官僚として働く。NYに遊びに行った時、ウォール街をぶらついていた時の軽い閃きから、公認会計士を目指そうと思い立ち、心機一転、電卓も使えないのに公認会計士試験の勉強を始める。 1年後無事合格するも、当時は公認会計士は大変な人余り状態、かなり苦労をして中堅監査法人に就職・・・。 しかし、仕事と上司には恵まれ、株式公開準備業務、国際部の立ち上げなど貴重な体験を経て、図らずとも独立。その後、事業会社のCFOや社外役員などを経験し、ブランドプリペイドカード発行事業を手掛けるなど、涙と笑いに包まれた経験を続ける。時々、当初の思惑と現実のギャップに日々苦闘と笑いを繰り返す毎日を過ごしている。 In English


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